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Records of the Week - December 13th


A change of format from now on, but firstly mention of JT Stewart aka $tinkworx, whose latest release on Strange Life is a deserved record of the week amongst a plethora of good ones out recently. To be honest, any mention of a Coelacanth is going to push any record to the front of my queue, but this latest record, armed with a bubbly Syncom Data remix is more evidence of his unique sound, merging rolling Heard-esque jams, Italo and the delicacy of NewworldAquarium. The flip, “Amira” is a translucent bit of melodic techno.

Below are my tips for this week.


Levon Vincent - Invisible Bitch Slap (Deconstruct)





Cage & Aviary – EP (Astrolab)



Jjak Hogan – Professor Feet (Rekids)



Kink & Neville Watson – Full Flight (Hour House is Your Rush)



Lil’ Louis – French Kissing EP (Mathematics)



Alton Miller – Inner8 (Clone)



Brendan Moeller – Ignition EP (Apnea)



DJ Aakmael – Music EP (Uzuri)



Ogris Debris – Compost Black Label 39 (Compost)



Tokyo Black Star – Bit Commander (Innervisions)




Sneak Thief - Zmaj (Lunar Disko)


Skatebard – Kosmos (Dent)



6th Borough Project – pt 1 (Instruments of Rapture)



Muravchix – Replicants Lament (Dissident)




Music at Nite – City to City (Wireblock)



TR-One – Mystery Train (Nice & Nasty)



Scuba – Mutual Antipathy (Hot Flush)



Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search – Configuration (Smallville)



Johannes Volk – Internal Structure (Lifeworld)



Commodity Place – Snail (Coclea)



Nax Acid – The Soul Trap (Aconito)




Heib – Jackpot (Gigolo)



Toby Frith

13th December 2008


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