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Records of the Week - October 20th


I’ve had Tommy Walker III (above) on the podcast before, giving a hint of the quite unique hybrid of Italo and weird techno that  he’s coming out with. After interesting releases on Dissident he’s now contributed an excellent track to the latest Cyberdance release, which also features Muravchix (one half of the hotly tipped Heartbreak), whose debut release on the aforementioned Dissident is one of my singles of the year. Alongsie Spruxx and the Miami Vice leanings of Casionova, it’s deservedly record of the week.

DFA continue to churn out material, not least with Mock and Toof, and the sleazy leanings of Yacht’s “The Summer Song”. Quite why people release summery records in October is beyond me though. Elsewhere on the Disco front there’s an excellent new single on M Division by Sneak Thief and the new one by the Idjut Boys on Droid is essential.

After a hectic few weeks things have quietened down a bit on the house front. The new Pepe Bradock isn’t quite as good as his last one, but it’s worth purchasing for “Mangragore“alone. STL have been quietly making some excellent records and their latest is worth purchasing. On the vocal tip the new DJ Spinna is very nice and Ron Trent’s latest has some good moments. Clone Classic Cuts are almost always must buy purchases, and their latest is no exception, featuring the sonorous delights of everyone’s favourite 15 min PA in Byron Stingily, owner of one of the most interesting surnames in dance music. 

The latest on Third Ear is nice and solid, as is the new one on Infinite by Clara Moto and there’s an excellent electroboogie release on new label City Heat that whilst somewhat derivative makes up for it by being a great tune. Nothing excited me at all on the minimal front this week, but I finally heard Matias Aguayo’s Night at the Tilehouse, which looks like it’s been reissued, and is the first thing I’ve liked by him.

A couple of solid releases water the dry, parched well that is the world of new techno. Eevonext, part of Eevolute, release East Island’s Near Depth EP, which was originally recorded in 1997. Whilst of its time, it’s an excellent varied EP that highlights the jazzy aspect that was colouring a lot of the genre in that period. There’s also tough, no nonsense atmospheric stuff from Sandwell District  and a nice EP on Metrolux featuring XDB and Atheus. I liked the 7027 12” a lot, although it’s a bit one-paced. Sorry. Finally there’s a new release from DJ Rolando on Delsin, but it didn’t really leave much of an impression and was a bit too flowery for my tastes. Till next time.

Toby Frith

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