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Yuki Kaneko - Rut


It’s often difficult to write about this sort of music without verbally disembowelling oneself, venturing deep into a thesaurus in order to seek out adjectives long gone, dusty phrases extricated from a treasure trove of musical descriptions not used by anyone else. Kaneko, a Tokyo-based sound artist specialising in installations, has put together an intriguing album of flickering noises and found sounds that threatens to overhaul my own musical dictionary, as clusters of electronic bubbles and whispers coalesce and fall apart over 11 tracks.

“Rut” is warm in feel, inevitably recalling the balmy fragments of noise that shaped Fennez’s “Endless Summer”, but retaining a microscopic element, as no sound is elongated or indeed allowed to dominate proceedings, often fading into the background to allow another element to breathe. Melody hovers in the distance, never coming to the fore until late on in the album when traditional instrumentation such as the hint of a guitar appears on “Moment”.  There’s no doubt that the word “playful” comes to mind, and it’s an aesthetic that is common amongst other Japanese sound artists, such as Sawako, never wanting to fully phrase a musical idea to completion, instead happy to let the ideas go their own way, often collapsing and eventually rebuilding of their own volition. The miniscule attention to detail means that often the bigger picture is missed out upon, but I don’t think that Kaneko’s work suffers from this as his mission seems to be to colouring the sonic world of everyday life, the droplets of water and the incessant chattering of  electronic drones  and metallic noises that permeate “Rut” recalls the idiosyncratic mix of sustained silence and urbanity that colours living in a place like Tokyo.

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